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How to Build a Micro Greenhouse for Your Instagarden® Raised Bed Garden

(3) Zip tie the arches together at the top by placing a zip tie loosely around the middle arch and then zip tying the lower and upper arches to the zip tie placed around the middle arch.  Pull all zip ties tight.  Rotate the zip ties so that the pointed ends are down.


(4) Cut the greenhouse film to size.  A little bigger is O.K.  Triple hexagon, 13' x 14 '; double hexagon, 12' x 13'; triple square, 12' x 12'; double square, 11' x 11'.


(5)Place the greenhouse film evenly over the arches.  In a hexagon, the longest side runs from one corner to the other corner.


(6) Use the garden clips to hold the greenhouse film to the arches.  Fold the greenhouse film and use the clips to make a tight seal.


(7) Your micro greenhouse will rapidly heat up in the sun and will quickly cook your plants.  Be ready to vent excess heat by lifting up the cover at one or two corners and clipping it to the arches.

This photo shows the same micro greenhouse without its covering.  Attach greenhouse film for snow protection.
This Instagarden double hexagon heated micro greenhouse has kept these hot pepper plants safe from a wet, heavy snow.

Difficulty Level:  medium / low


Required Tools:

Measuring Tape


Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter



Polyethylene greenhouse film, UV-protected, size below

3/4" irrigation pipe, flexible black polyethylene, one (1) 50 foot roll

zip ties, black, 10-12 inches long (2-3)

garden clips, for 3/4" poly or EMT (6-12)



(1)  Cut the 3/4" irrigation pipe into sections with the PVC pipe cutter:

triple hexagon:  three (3) sections, each 13 feet 8 inches long

double hexagon:  three (3) sections, each 12 feet 8 inches long

triple square:  two (2) sections, each 11 feet 8 inches long

double square:  two (2) sections, each 11 feet long


(2)  Place the ends of each irrigation pipe section fully into the connector tube at opposite corners of your Instagarden┬«, to form three overlapping arches. If one of your arches is longer or shorter than the others, rearrange the arches so that the shortest is on the bottom and the longest is on the top.

This Instagarden double hexagon micro greenhouse can withstand more than a foot of snow, keeping your plants warm and protected.

Designed in Colorado

Manufactured in the United States of America