The Instgarden desktop web site's menu bar sits on top of a background photo of  mixed greens grown in an Instagarden raised bed garden.
The Instagarden logo is placed at the far left of the menu bar on the desktop Instagarden web site.


An early start let these hot peppers mature in Northern Colorado's short growing season.

How to Install Gopher Protection


(1) Assemble your Instagarden® and level the site.  Mark the outline of your Instagarden® and move your Instagarden® aside.


(2) Place galvanized hardware cloth or chicken wire over where your Instagarden® will be.  Bend extra material underneath or cut using tin snips.  Be sure the material extends all the way to the outside edge of your Instagarden®.


(3) Hold the material in place with landscape staples or stakes.


(4) Move your Instagarden® on top of your gopher barrier, fill with soil, and enjoy!

Designed in Colorado

Manufactured in the United States of America