The Instgarden desktop web site's menu bar sits on top of a background photo of  mixed greens grown in an Instagarden raised bed garden.
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The deep soil of this Instagarden double pentagon raised bed garden made it easy for these Fortex pole beans to be tremendous producers.
These ripe bell peppers were grown on strings supported by a summer structure in this heated and insulated double hexagon raised bed garden.

The Instagarden System

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American Made

The heart of the Instagarden® system is the Instagarden rail.  Made of durable food grade high density polyethylene resin, it is lightweight and will last for decades.


The Instagarden® rail is the heart of the Instagarden® system.  Made of high density polyethylene, it is lightweight and will last for decades.

Rails can be connected end-to-end to create any size structure.  The connection rotates 180 degrees to form any angle.  Rails can be stacked to any height using longer connectors.  Any regular polygon will hold its shape.


Create a micro greenhouse and garden all winter, or just get an early start for your warm-weather plants.  Add a summer framework to trellis your plants, and protect against hail, deer, birds, or insects.


Instagarden LLC is a family-owned and operated small business located in Colorado.  We've used raised beds and season-extenders for decades, and we believe that the Instagarden system creates the best raised bed gardens and sandboxes in the world.


Whether you're looking to garden  all year 'round or want an amazing sandbox with almost no effort, we stand by our claim to be the best with a one-year full satisfaction guarantee.




We've been using season extenders for decades.  The hoop houses on these wooden raised bed gardens won't support much snow load.
Eric, Laura, Jessica, Emily, Sharon, and Jason Petty (r-l) at Christina's wedding.
Before we invented Instagardens, we used to garden in wooden raised beds.  Watch out for spinters!

At Instagarden, we believe that gardening is good for the soul.  We want gardening to be easy, and our products to assemble in an instant.


We're gardeners, and we love growing things.  In Colorado at 5000 feet that can be a challenge.


We believe the Instagarden® raised bed garden system is the best in the world.


Why?  Because we've used it for more than a decade.  Ever buy a product and know within minutes that the designer never used it?  At Instagarden our products have been extensively tested under severe conditions.  The most-repeated phrase in our test gardens is, "Well, that's not going to work."  Every time we mutter that phrase we know we've saved customers agony and frustration.  Eventually, as our designs get  refined, we smile and nod, pleased at how easily everything goes together.


Tell us how we can make your gardening easier and our products better by contacting us below.

Raised Bed Gardens

We set out to provide the best raised bed gardens in the world, that last decades and assemble instantly without tools.  We believe that our raised bed gardens are the best in the world, and back that up with our one year full satisfaction guarantee.



It wasn't our design intent, so we were surprised to gradually understand that when used as a sandbox, the Instagarden® system is not just better than its competitors, it's revolutionary.  Nothing can beat the price / performance of our octagon sandbox.


Coming Products:

Season Extenders, Summer Frameworks

You'll see photos on this web site of products that are still in prototype phase and not yet available for purchase.  We'll have them for sale soon, but in the meantime you're welcome to build them yourself.  We'll tell you how.  Check out the How To section of the web site for detailed instructions with tool and material lists.


Insulated, Heated, Covered Raised Bed Gardens

Most of our test gardens in Colorado are heated and insulated, and have different frameworks for winter snow protection and summer hail and insect defense.  With this system we can garden even in  winter.  If you live in a cold-climate or short-season area, we strongly recommend the Instagarden double (or triple) hexagon with insulation and a heater, even though it may take you a few hours to build the parts.  Instructions available in our How To section.

When we say "American Made," we really mean it.


All Instagarden® products are manufactured in the United States of America.


All the materials used to make our products are produced in the United States of America.


All of the precursors used to make the materials used to make our products are produced in the United States of America.


For example, the food grade high-density polyethylene resin used to produce our rails and connectors was made in the Unites States, from natural gas extracted from the United States, from plants and dinosaurs who once lived in the United States . . .




We're not against imports,  it's just that American Made makes the most sense for our family business.

Designed in Colorado

Manufactured in the United States of America